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The Posse is currently closed to new clients. If you are interested in online coaching, please see my coaching page here.

You know you should be doing more to take care of yourself – after all, your business and income depend upon it. But, health is one of those tricky things, we only really ever appreciate it once we don’t have it. So, when you have relatively good health, you go merrily along your way, knowing that it’s important, but making the classic mistake of prioritizing urgent over important (everyone does it, not just you). Taking care of yourself just doesn’t happen the way it should – unless you build it right into your day.

Introducing: The Posse – an online health community

the PosseThe Posse builds taking care of yourself (and, by extension, your business) right into your day.

No matter who you are or where you are on the health continuum, the Posse will meet you where you are at. Our community contains everyone from regular exercisers who are generally pretty healthy, to people dealing with some not-inconsiderable pain issues, to others overcoming some serious health conditions.

This isn’t a do-this/not-that type program. Instead, it’s about providing the carefully curated information, templated approach, and community and support to get you to your goals – whatever they may be.

What You’ll Get When You Join the Posse

In this membership-based online health community, you’ll receive:

The Posse


Great for:
community and accountability

Platinum Posse


Great for:
personalized attention

A daily email nudge.
This super-short email inspires, provides actionable tips, and moves you forward towards your goals.
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Access to our private Facebook group.
Your virtual water cooler for Q&A, support, and accountability.
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A practical, non-dogmatic view of health.
A neurological approach integrates the latest science to create practical solutions for a busy life.
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Expert interviews and advice.
Exclusive videos, interviews, and curated articles help you break through the noise.
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Monthly office hours.
A teleconference Q&A. Ask me anything you want and chat with your fellow Posse members.
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A posse of like-minded people working towards similar goals.
You can go it alone, together, or join us in regular challenges and events.
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A safe community.
Respectful conversation, support, community, and tough love when necessary.
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Previews of products I’m working on.
First look at new products and services I’m developing.
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Energy Bank assessment.
Find your personal high-payoffs. Stop wondering about where to focus your attention.
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Personalized program.
We’ll work together to create a custom program that fits your needs and lifestyle.
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2 25-minute coaching calls.
Regular one-on-one accountability calls and program tweaks with two 25-minute calls / month.
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Unlimited email support.
Ask questions, get answers. You can’t always wait for the next call.
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Is This For You?

The Posse is a perfect fit if you:

  • Have a holistic view of health that goes beyond eating right and exercise
  • Know there is no such thing as a silver bullet
  • Are all about working smarter, not harder
  • Need practical, implementable advice for an over-busy lifestyle
  • You are naturally inquisitive, and are always looking for new ways to tweak what you are already doing
  • Can laugh at yourself – just a bit
  • Are looking for cutting-edge, non-mainstream health and fitness information
  • Are tired of bombarding your friends with health info and desperately need a new place to geek out about it
  • Believe that you are more likely to achieve your goals when you aren’t doing it alone
  • Understand that there is a time to whine and there is a time to get over yourself and do the work

I’m looking for a mindset, not a bodyfat percentage or hours per week spent in the gym. If you are looking for a safe, supportive, and incredibly knowledgable place where you can work towards your health goals – then you belong here.

If this sounds like you, hop in and check it out. And if you decide it’s not right, you can cancel at any time (or if it’s within the first month I’ll refund your complete membership cost).

Why Jen Waak

Jen WaakI have over two decades of experience as a coach, consultant, and mentor, and have worked with clients from ranging from stay-at-home Moms to NFL lineman to help get them closer to their goals – whatever those goals may be. I love seeing changes in my clients from week to week and am told repeatedly I’m their biggest cheerleader. I coach with patience, caring, and respect.

As a fellow office athlete and recovering management consultant turned crazy-busy entrepreneur, I relate all-to-well to that lifestyle. I know the struggles of the road warrior lifestyle as well as the challenges of the working-from-home entrepreneur. From a health and fitness perspective, I broke my back in a car accident in high school and then turned that around and in 2010 summited Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest peak in Africa). There isn’t much you can throw at me that I haven’t either experienced myself or seen in my clients.

I’m a lifelong student, and devour hundreds of science, neuroscience, and neurophysiology articles and abstracts every week so you don’t have to. I read dozens of books on health and fitness and stay on top of the latest recommendations so I can pass them along to you. My formal health-related training is as a Z-Health Master Practitioner, Precision Nutrition coach, and kettlebell instructor (former RKC).

I’m also the author of the Keyboard Athletes Guide to Pain Relief & Prevention, and live, work, and train in Seattle, WA.

What My Clients Are Saying

I work with a trainer face to face every week to motivate me and plan workouts. I get something very different being a member of the Posse. Encouragement to move on a daily basis, people to check in with, and most important people who are committed to doing enough but not too much. – Christine Martell

I’m one of Jen’s “keyboard athletes”. On the average day, I’m at the keyboard for at least 8 hours. YIKES!

Since joining The Posse, I have successfully added an exercise ritual to my day. Sure, I did all the “hard work” … but Jen provided the spark. One of her exercise challenges inspired me to add 3 brief exercise breaks to my work day.

Having support from The Posse helped me convert what I did during the challenge into a daily ritual.  Getting this done is a big deal for me. I had been meaning to do it for many years. Today I feel healthier, stronger, and way more likely to make it to my goal of living 125 years.

I also like The Posse because of all of the health-related information Jen shares. She does a great job of sharing interesting information, putting it into English, and serving it up in bite-sized chunks that are easy to absorb and put in place.

I highly recommend the Posse for anyone who spends a lot of time at the keyboard instead of the gym. – Mike Korner

Jen Waak has an amazing gift for getting right to the root of the things that hold me back from living in the most healthy way possible for me. She’s helped me discover the ways I use to sabotage myself and keep me from moving forward. Her daily email tips have provided just the nudge I need to get up and add some more activity into my day. These daily contacts provide ideas, information, inspiration, and so much more that have helped me to make more healthy choices in my life.

And I love the wonderful community Jen has created, a safe place to share frustrations, but also to celebrate each other’s successes. It’s such a relief to know that I’m not alone, and also that other folks have similar issues, constraints, and stories. I’m so glad I found the Posse. I’m finally feeling like I can make progress in the right direction.  – Carole Brown

Jen helped me develop an at-home training program using the equipment I already had to get me up and moving around. Now, regular exercise is becoming a part of who I am. I like to call her my “exercise therapist” because she has made adopting this lifestyle change easy and very non-scary. I am overjoyed at the results, and feel better than ever. – Pamela, Nazareth, PA

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

My Guarantee

You are free to cancel your Posse-hood at any time. And, if you decide within the first month that this program isn’t for you, I’ll even refund your complete membership cost. This truly is a risk-free offer so register today!