Lunch and Learn Ideas

Lunch And Learn IdeasTired of hunting all over for out-of-the-ordinary lunch and learn ideas?

I hear time and time again from Human Resources and team managers that they want to offer something to their organization or team that isn’t the usual “here are 5 stretches you can do” or a very generic “healthy workplace habits.”

More importantly, they want the workshop to be actionable for the participants – a real power hour that includes practical, individualized things the attendees can do.

If that is something you can really relate to, then I’d love for you to download my no-cost lunch and learn ideas white paper. Enter your email address below for immediate access:

12 Lunch and Learn Ideas Your Team will Love

The white paper not only lays out the business case for each of these lunch and learn ideas, but also gives you the agenda, objectives, and takeaways for each. And, as a bonus I’ve written a brief guide to help you find the right presenter for your group in 6 Keys to an Effective Lunch and Learn. I’ll happily come and teach as well, but I know that isn’t an option for all organizations, so I wanted to provide this bonus resource as well.

I’m Jen Waak and I teach knowledge workers practical ways to increase their personal energy stores to give them more energy, productivity, and resiliency – all in minutes a day. I developed each of these lunch and learns as a result of my 17 years as a management consultant in corporate America, seeing exactly how our sedentary lifestyle was impacting the office athlete. And, I knew there HAD to be a solution that was somewhere between “accepting the inevitable” or spending hours a day at the gym, cooking, etc.

If You Want Your Lunch And Learn to:

  • Be immediately actionable
  • Have both business and personal benefits
  • Impact productivity and energy (and thus the bottom line)
  • Take advantage of the latest brain science and neurology

Then you’ll want to get some of these lunch and learns on your organization’s calendar. The hands-down favorite is my At-Your-Desk Exercises lunch and learn – you can read more about that one here.

When you download the paper you’ll also get my monthly Workplace Wellness newsletter, which distills the latest health and fitness information down into one easily-digestible article that is immediately applicable to your organization.

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Get on the Calendar

Give me a call at 206-457-3449 or send me an email to get this lunch and learn on the calendar at your organization. My rate is $400-700 depending upon the number of attendees.

BECThe BEC sends a resounding “Thank You” for the VERY informative and VERY practical lunch and learn session by Keyboard Athletes. You did a remarkable job of helping our staff understand how simple, easy, non-weight-bearing exercises can reduce/eliminate pain and increase energy. It’s the perfect elixir for our team of non-stop, high performing nonprofit professionals. I can’t remember when I learned so much in such a short time that will pay such big dividends in stress reduction and well-being.

Your time with us was all the more impactful as you are a living testament to the power of what you teach. We are inspired—and motivated! And we are truly grateful for your investment in the staff of the Business Education Compact. - Mary Beth Horton, Deputy Director, Business Education Compact,

Why Jen?

Jen WaakJen Waak is the founder of Keyboard Athletes and a health and wellness coach whose focus on neurophysiology and holistic health set her apart from others in her field. Each week she reads, digests, and synthesizes hundreds of scientific articles and abstracts so that she can incorporate the most recent research into everything she teaches. Her passion truly is helping people have the bodies they want – so they have the energy to do what they love.

Jen is a Z-Health Master Practitioner, Precision Nutrition coach, Results Certified Coach, and kettlebell instructor (former RKC) with two decades of experience as a coach, consultant, and mentor. The author of the Keyboard Athletes Guide to Pain Relief & Prevention, Jen lives, works, and trains in Seattle, WA. You can read more about Jen Waak’s background here.