Are you a busy tech professional tired of “losing time” at work and going home drained every night?

Re-train your brain and body to work better – together – to manage personal energy stores, reclaim wasted hours, and make you more efficient.


8 Reasons Why Jen

  1. Over two decades of corporate consulting means she's been in your shoes and knows what does and does not fly in that world
  2. An obsession with efficiency and effectiveness – just the right thing, at just the right time, with just the right amount of energy
  3. Jen is a lifelong student who is always studying and learning more to better take care of herself and better serve her clients
  4. You'll observe a non-dogmatic focus on finding what works for you – not just following the latest fad
  5. She believes people should do what they say they are going to – and lives that herself
  6. A no-nonsense, pragmatic view of the world – delivered with humor and warmth
  7. Jen has a sense of curiosity and wonder combined with a belief that anything is possible
  8. In a world of busy and short attention spans, Jen is completely present with her clients – giving you her 100%

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